4 Jan 2009

[Taipei Times] Taiwan' s Dreyfus Affair

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I have seen messages on pro-Taiwan discussion boards calling for things like revolution, civil war, and so on, but as an Irishman (whose country has gone through all this before), I don’t agree.

I do believe that the Taiwanese can start their rebellion against the KMT dictatorship with a peaceful Gandhi-style campaign. The campaign would include extremely noisy protests and demonstrations, strikes (especially in companies owned by the KMT or pro-KMT business-folks), boycotts (like postal workers refusing to handle mail directed to the government or KMT offices, dock workers refusing to handle ships coming from or bound for China), blockades, occupations, refusals to pay taxes or fines and many more acts of civil disobedience. The list is endless.

I know that in Taiwan there is not the same militant and rebellious mentality as, say, in Greece, but for the sake of Taiwan’s future, all Taiwanese who care one iota about their country’s future had better learn from the Wild Strawberries, and fairly quickly.


Swords, County Dublin, Ireland


alanmulcany said...

Dear Taiwanese Brothers and Sisters

Further to my letter published on the Taipei Times, I would like to add a bit more.

KMT is the cancer of Taiwan, it cannot be reformed, it must be removed, but not in a bloody way.
There are 2 models that might inspire the Taiwanese:
1 - the totally non-violent method pursued by Mahatma Gandhi of peacefully refusing to co-operate with the authorities in any shape and form; I believe that if some 7o to 75% of the Taiwanese choose to go down this way, the KMT regime will soon be on its knees
2- the semi-violent (ie, some damage to property, some physical confrontation, but no loss of life) method employed during the "Bulldozer Revolution" in Serbia few years ago that led to the downfall of Serbain tyrant Milosevic.
Basically, a guy used his bulldozer to knock down a
pro-Milosevic TV station, and this acted as a catalyst for oceanic crowds to rally in front of the Government offices, and before long Milosevic had to flee.
If this second method has to be employed, I believe that the despicable pro-KMT gossip-monger known as TVBS would be an excellent candidate for the bulldozer.
Alan Mulcany

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