12 Jan 2009

WSM participating Freedom House event in Taiwan

Freedom House will be presenting Freedom in the World 2009, the organization's annual survey of political rights and civil liberties worldwide to determine each country's freedom status--- either Free, Partly free or Not Free.

Since Taiwan's inclusion of the survey in 1972, this is the first time Taiwan have been chosen as the venue for publication. WS's international students division got in touch with Freedom House which lead to the acceptance of 3 hosts from WS to be seated in the media zone, four more students are able to participate in the group section.

Broadcasting group students will be doing live broadcasting online on the day. Because of the small number of participants are involved, please tune in to the internet live channel for the latest developement. The broadcasting will start at 9am. For more information on the Freedom House, please search online or query at WS's BBS forum. ptt2.cc action1106 board

[Important] Freedom House Press Conference in Taipei

Dear all,

Freedom House press conference in Taipei, Taiwan on 1/13 will be live broadcasted by WS anchors, starting from 9AM.If you want to watch Freedom House live show at 9:00AM on 1/13, please go tohttp://zh-tw.justin.tv/action1106 !

Another thing,Please vote for WS's live webcast of Freedom House press conference on 1/13 at: http://openzap.com/show/twitter.com/cyrixhero