25 Nov 2008

Control Yuan Accepts the Petition on Abuse of Power by Police and National Security Agencies

November 24, 2008

After starting a petition to protest against government violence and support the sit-in students, the Taiwanese academia, along with groups such as the Judicial Reform Foundation and the Wild Strawberries Movement, delivered a petition and complaint to the Control Yuan regarding the illegal acts and abuse of power by the police and national security agencies during Chen Yunlin’s visit to Taiwan.

The petition calls for the Control Yuan to investigate and take legal action against the (1) National Security Council and its Secretary-General Su Chi; (2) National Security Bureau and its Director Tsai Chao-ming; as well as (3) National Police Agency and its Director-General Wang Cho-chiun. The petition enumerates examples of illegal state power abuse during Chen Yunlin’s visit to Taiwan, including road blocks at airports, in the streets, and along the sidewalks exceeding necessary and appropriate parameters; forced entry of Sunrise Records without probable cause or a warrant; false arrest and injury of a documentary maker in the vicinity of the Grand Hotel.

The petition also provides the Control Yuan supporting evidence in the form of video clips, photographs, medical reports, recordings, and police reports. NGOs will also conduct an independent investigation to shed light on recent events.

Former Grand Justice Su Chun-hsiung, Academia Sinica Research Fellow Chu Hei-yuan, and Chang Chin-hua of National Taiwan University’s School of Journalism pointed out that the Control Yuan has the responsibility and obligation to follow protocols, conduct a fair and transparent investigation, and censure individuals who abused authority and power.
Control Yuan members Huang Huang-hsiung and Liu Hsing-shan jointly accepted the petition. Mr. Huang will be responsible for the case and has promised to conclude the investigation and deliver results within three months.

The Wild Strawberries Movement agrees with and supports efforts by the academia and organizations such as the Judicial Reform Foundation to seek solutions to state power abuse through formal and established means. However, we will also continue grassroots efforts to urge related agencies to conduct similar investigations.

* many thanks to A-Kai for the press conference transcript