17 Jan 2009

[News] Wild Strawberries interviewed by KPFT Human Right Show

The Wild Strawberry were interviewed by Houston's FM 90.1, KPFT, the Pacific Network, during the Human Rights Show sponsored by the Amnesty International. Please go to the following web site to listen to the interview:

In the row "The Human Rights Show" for "Friday January 16, 2009 7:00 pm

14 Jan 2009

[Report] Freedom House report released in Taipei

Freedom House released its Freedom in the World 2009 report with a press conference at the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei today. The event was hosted by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. The 2009 report found a decline in global freedom for the third consecutive year. Sub-Saharan Africa and the former Soviet states were the regions that saw the greatest decline. There was some improvement in freedom in South Asia.

David reported those issues related to Taiwan on the Freedom House 2009 in the World Survey Release.
Michael Hsiao said the student movement in Taiwan started in the 1980s with a focus on campus freedom. It peaked in 1990 when students paid attention to outside the campus walls. In the 1990s the student movement dropped but then in the early part of this decade it came up again with attention on human rights and social concerns. Chen Yunlin’s visit made students learn that there was something wrong and they learnt about democracy. In 2008 people realised democracy could disappear. Hsiao said that he liked the Wild Strawberries but thinks they should call themselves “Wild Passion Fruit” because passion fruit are very tough on the outside and can’t be crushed like strawberries.

For the whole report, please go to [David on Formosa] Freedom House report released in Taipei

Taipei District Prosecutors Humiliate the Accused of Their Ongoing Investigations

I posted about this mocking insult that Taipei prosecutors executed on the accused of their ongoing investigations. Or, if you have just 3 minutes of spare time, watch the video below.

Be warned: I am not responsible for any health problem as a result of watching/reading it. Proceed at your own risk.


13 Jan 2009

[Important] San Diego channel 6 TV reports the WSM

[BerrySeed] Journal Forum Group of WS

We would like to share some good news with everyone that Taipei Wild Strawberries has officially launched a Journal Forum Group which will be responsible for publishing e-news and composing editorials to the print media.

A1 Yoshi will serve as our founding Editor-in-Chief, responsible for day-to-day operations and in charge of eleven staff members. Littlegrass and Rousseau, both senior editors, will each lead a team to regularly compose letters to print media and monitor news media.

Some of you may have noticed that two op-ed articles by BerrySeed in the 1231 and 0103 issues were also published in Section A15 of The Liberty Times, marking a milestone for our group. We expect to contribute at least one such article each week to print media. (Please note that BerrySeed is the official pen name of the Taipei Wild Strawberries Journal Forum Group.)

With regard to the monthly e-news publication, the tentative launch date is set for the beginning of February. Considering the primary target audience is current and past movement participants as well as supporters, the content will include (but not limited to) editorials, behind-the-scenes tidbits, Strawberries activity reports, upcoming event calendars, and readers' corner, etc.

The core message of our first issue is tentatively "Reflection of the Past, Contemplation of the Future." Going forward, the Journal Forum Group will work in close collaboration with other groups to provide PR and editorial assistance. Moreover, the group plans to build a website with archived issues when appropriate. The Wild Strawberries Movement sincerely hopes to continue the battle for human rights with a pen as its mighty weapon and knowledge as power.

Please do not hesitate to direct any questions to BerrySeed or reply to this article. We will also be seeking freelance writers and will provide details at a later date.


12 Jan 2009

WSM participating Freedom House event in Taiwan

Freedom House will be presenting Freedom in the World 2009, the organization's annual survey of political rights and civil liberties worldwide to determine each country's freedom status--- either Free, Partly free or Not Free.

Since Taiwan's inclusion of the survey in 1972, this is the first time Taiwan have been chosen as the venue for publication. WS's international students division got in touch with Freedom House which lead to the acceptance of 3 hosts from WS to be seated in the media zone, four more students are able to participate in the group section.

Broadcasting group students will be doing live broadcasting online on the day. Because of the small number of participants are involved, please tune in to the internet live channel for the latest developement. The broadcasting will start at 9am. For more information on the Freedom House, please search online or query at WS's BBS forum. ptt2.cc action1106 board

[Important] Freedom House Press Conference in Taipei

Dear all,

Freedom House press conference in Taipei, Taiwan on 1/13 will be live broadcasted by WS anchors, starting from 9AM.If you want to watch Freedom House live show at 9:00AM on 1/13, please go tohttp://zh-tw.justin.tv/action1106 !

Another thing,Please vote for WS's live webcast of Freedom House press conference on 1/13 at: http://openzap.com/show/twitter.com/cyrixhero


11 Jan 2009

Opening Ceremony of WildBerry House (野苺之家)

Wild Strawberries Movement is turning into a new stage which students are attempting to be an organization. Meanwhile, the sit-in action has temporarily ceased since 4th Jan.
"WildBerry House" is going to be the root for strawberries spreading our beliefs and ideas at the campuses and through the country.
The Opening ceremony was held on the morning 11st Jan. NGOs and scholars were invited to witness this milestone of our movement!

The address of WildBerry House:
No.9, Alley 7, Lane28, Tung-An St. Zhung-Zheng District, Taipei City

You are welcome to visit anytime you wish!

4 Jan 2009

[Taipei Times] Taiwan' s Dreyfus Affair

(Read the Full Text)
I have seen messages on pro-Taiwan discussion boards calling for things like revolution, civil war, and so on, but as an Irishman (whose country has gone through all this before), I don’t agree.

I do believe that the Taiwanese can start their rebellion against the KMT dictatorship with a peaceful Gandhi-style campaign. The campaign would include extremely noisy protests and demonstrations, strikes (especially in companies owned by the KMT or pro-KMT business-folks), boycotts (like postal workers refusing to handle mail directed to the government or KMT offices, dock workers refusing to handle ships coming from or bound for China), blockades, occupations, refusals to pay taxes or fines and many more acts of civil disobedience. The list is endless.

I know that in Taiwan there is not the same militant and rebellious mentality as, say, in Greece, but for the sake of Taiwan’s future, all Taiwanese who care one iota about their country’s future had better learn from the Wild Strawberries, and fairly quickly.


Swords, County Dublin, Ireland