5 Dec 2008

[Press release 1204] In response to GIO's response to Freedom House's ealier statement

Dumb (GIO) Government Information Office, deaf Ma

GIO officer Shi responded lightly to the suggestion of investigating the riot incident during Chen's visit from Freedom House, an American human right organization, on December 2. He only agreed to strengthen the police training. The wild strawberries question this response. It is obvious that the response admitted the fault of the police, but why GIO only said about strengthening the training and avoided an apology? And what exactly is the training project? What to strengthen? The skill of evacuating people and the media by shooting water? The wild strawberry strongly reprimands the play of the word by the Ma government.

It is obvious to see that Ma's government still would not confront the issue of police abused rights honestly, avoiding their responsibilities in serving the public, and have shifted the blame squarely on to the violoent protests which broke out on the last evening of Chen's visit. They argued that the fact some DPP members would like to offer reward for those who would egg wash Chen together with previous envoy Chang's incident meant Police have the rights to abuse their power. We despises a government which only looks after interest of the police and corporates whilst refusing to look after it's people.

Wild Strawberries movement has never swayed from the initial three demands. President Ma and Premier Liu must apologise for the violent clashes erupted between protesters and the police, resignation from Director General of the National Police Agency and National Security Bureau, and lastly remove the need to apply for protest. We insist our government to uphold the responsibility of police abusing their rights, suppressing basic human rights during Chen's visit. Taiwanese citizens' freedoms are by right, stated in our constitution, should not be violated by government in anyway, including saving a "honored guests's reputation".
Officer Shi stated the citizens that were removed from the scene and those that have their flags taken had forced themselves into a restricted zone, it wasn't about whether they have carried a flag, they were not removed because police were refraining the Chinese envoy Chen from seeing the protesters. However from the witness accounts, those that did not carry a flag were able to freely move between all the zones. Moreover, the police at the scene were not able to state a single law to justify their behavior and often chose to keep quiet. This blatant expansion of police power would probably put those executing it in shame.

[Amnesty International] Human Rights in TAIWAN

News and publications

Read it on, you will learn how Death Penalty and Miscarriage of Justice in TAIWAN are concerned internationally for so many years.

[Support] from Formosan Association for Human Rights

The attached poster is from FAHR which has the theme -- When old yams (FAHR) heard the song of Wild Strawberry (students)

[Support] 41 Taiwanese American and Canadian Organizations support Wild Strawberries

Taiwanese American Organizations
Support “Wild Strawberry” Movement in Taiwan

We, the undersigned Taiwanese American and overseas organizations, earnestly call all freedom and democracy loving fellow Taiwanese to come out and support the Wild Strawberry Student Peaceful Demonstration and Protest on December 7 at Liberty Square in Taipei. This action is to demand:

1. An apology from the nation’s President and Premier regarding the police brutality against demonstrators and the gross violations of human rights during the visit of China's envoy Chen Yunlin.
2. Resignation of National Police Agency Director and National Security Bureau Director for police brutality against protesters.
3. To call for the reform of the Assembly and the Parade Law in order to assure Taiwanese people a true democracy and the respect of fundamental human rights for free assembly and associations.

We want these students to know that they are not alone and have our wholehearted supports.


Ron Shieh, President
American Association of America (TAA-USA)

Ben Liu, President
North American Taiwanese Professors Association (NATPA)

Co-signed by (in the order of received):

Susan Chang, President
World Federation of Taiwanese Associations (WFTA)

Bob Yang, President

Formosa Association for Public Affairs (FAPA)

Chung-Kuo Kuo, President

Word Taiwanese Congress (WTC)

Sue Lee, President

North America Taiwanese Women Association (NATWA)

Jack Chen, President

Austin Institute of Taiwan Studies (AITS)

Josephine Pan, President

Taiwan Elite Alliance

Jack Lin, Ph.D., President

Taiwanese Association of America – South Florida

Grace Hsu, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Northern New Jersey

Mark Kao, President

FAPA-New Jersey

Tony, President

Taiwanese Association of America - San Francisco, California

Cheng S. Chang, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Manhattan, Kansas

Terri Giles

Formosa Foundation

Kuochih Hong, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Detroit, Michigan

Shiou-Yi Chen, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Cincinnati, Ohio

Fong Y. Yang, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Portland, Oregon

Dexter Lai, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Seattle, Washington

Jin-Shou Hseu, Preisdent

Taiwanese Association of America – Kansas City, Kansas

Kwei-Yang Ben Chang, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Greater Washington D.C.

Steven Shen, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Baltimore, Maryland

J. T. Lo, President

Taiwanese Association of America – New Orleans, Louisiana

Linda Wu, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Houston, Texas

Pam Tsai, President

Taiwanese American Federation – Northern California

Hsin-Chu Chen, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Kiosy Lin, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Atlanta, Georgia

Charles Chang, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Nashville, Tennessee

Shu-Chuan Chou, President

Taiwanese Association of America – North Carolina

Patsy Fang Chen, President

Taiwanese Association of America – New York

Shuling Su, President

Taiwanese Association of America - Boston

David Lai, President
Taiwan Hakka Association for Public Affairs in North America

Ken Huang, President
FAPA-San Diego Chapter

Anthony Lee, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Columbus, Ohio

Alice Yu Tzy Yang, President

Yang Foundation – Delaware

George Chen, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Hawaii

David Wu. President

Taiwanese American Association – Charlotte, North Carolina

Charles Chen, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Delaware

Alice Yang, President

FAPA – Delaware

Po Lee, President

Taiwanese Canadian Association (TCA)

Tzu-Hui Chen

Taiwanese Collegian (TC)

C.K. Hsu, President

Taiwanese Association of America – Clear Lake, Texas

[Sign the petition] Campus is not the battle field

Please sign up the petition to refuse military personnels in the campus.
This is initiated by The Humanistic Education Foundation.
Excuses that the petition letter and rationales are both in Mandarin.

Contact: The secretary division, the Humanistic Education Foundation.
Ms. Lin: 02-23670151* 117

Fax:02-23625015 E-mail: slin@hef.org.tw  

NB This does NOT stand for WS. WS' requests never change. Please view this article as a support and advertisement for the value that Taiwan needs to be free and democracy. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Register for the march on December 7th

Please entitle: [Parade] Your Title
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For individual: Name, phone no., E-mail
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