13 Jan 2009

[Important] San Diego channel 6 TV reports the WSM

[BerrySeed] Journal Forum Group of WS

We would like to share some good news with everyone that Taipei Wild Strawberries has officially launched a Journal Forum Group which will be responsible for publishing e-news and composing editorials to the print media.

A1 Yoshi will serve as our founding Editor-in-Chief, responsible for day-to-day operations and in charge of eleven staff members. Littlegrass and Rousseau, both senior editors, will each lead a team to regularly compose letters to print media and monitor news media.

Some of you may have noticed that two op-ed articles by BerrySeed in the 1231 and 0103 issues were also published in Section A15 of The Liberty Times, marking a milestone for our group. We expect to contribute at least one such article each week to print media. (Please note that BerrySeed is the official pen name of the Taipei Wild Strawberries Journal Forum Group.)

With regard to the monthly e-news publication, the tentative launch date is set for the beginning of February. Considering the primary target audience is current and past movement participants as well as supporters, the content will include (but not limited to) editorials, behind-the-scenes tidbits, Strawberries activity reports, upcoming event calendars, and readers' corner, etc.

The core message of our first issue is tentatively "Reflection of the Past, Contemplation of the Future." Going forward, the Journal Forum Group will work in close collaboration with other groups to provide PR and editorial assistance. Moreover, the group plans to build a website with archived issues when appropriate. The Wild Strawberries Movement sincerely hopes to continue the battle for human rights with a pen as its mighty weapon and knowledge as power.

Please do not hesitate to direct any questions to BerrySeed or reply to this article. We will also be seeking freelance writers and will provide details at a later date.