8 Dec 2008

[Dec 9 concert in support of Wild Strawberries] Music Trumps Nationality. Human Rights Know No Borders.

Dear Friends,

I would very much appreciate your passing on to your friends in Taiwan (and anyone else for that matter) this urgent appeal to turn out in a show of international support for what the Wild Strawberries have been able to achieve. This is a straight-up human rights issue, and green/blue issues are banished for the night of Dec 9, when we have some musicians from Japan, Canada, the US and elsewhere coming out to show the Wild Strawberries that theirs is a movement that has the support of the world.

I hope that everyone recognizes that the Taiwan government's human rights roll-back of the last several months has serious implications for all of us in Taiwan, foreigners included, and especially those of us who have made the Taiwan struggle for human rights, freedom and democracy our own. Mr. Ma is quite clearly going by the PRC playbook, so, if we don't rise up and put a stop to it, well, PRC-style repression will not be long in coming. Think of this as Taiwan's answer to the Tienanmen Massacre!

We have a good musical line-up, some speeches, and we will have prepared a world map, without any national borders showing, by which we wish to say that (1) music knows no borders, just as human rights is universal, and (2) in solidarity with Taiwanese, who are being denied the right to decide whether or not they can even have a country, then we will forego our nationalities for the evening.

We wish to give graphic, camera-ready expression to this using a map, and each international guest is invited to come up and give their name, and say where they are from -- without mentioning country. The more places we have represented, the more powerfully we can make the point that the Wild Strawberries enjoy international support.

Several representatives from international human rights organizations will also be present.

Sure hope to see you there. Please pass the word, bring friends and so on.

All this takes place at downtown Taipei's Liberty Square, 5 minutes' walk from the MRT CKS Memorial Hall station.

That's tomorrow night, Dec 9, beginning at 7pm and running until 11.

Thanks much.

Peace. Lynn