14 Jan 2009

[Report] Freedom House report released in Taipei

Freedom House released its Freedom in the World 2009 report with a press conference at the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei today. The event was hosted by the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy. The 2009 report found a decline in global freedom for the third consecutive year. Sub-Saharan Africa and the former Soviet states were the regions that saw the greatest decline. There was some improvement in freedom in South Asia.

David reported those issues related to Taiwan on the Freedom House 2009 in the World Survey Release.
Michael Hsiao said the student movement in Taiwan started in the 1980s with a focus on campus freedom. It peaked in 1990 when students paid attention to outside the campus walls. In the 1990s the student movement dropped but then in the early part of this decade it came up again with attention on human rights and social concerns. Chen Yunlin’s visit made students learn that there was something wrong and they learnt about democracy. In 2008 people realised democracy could disappear. Hsiao said that he liked the Wild Strawberries but thinks they should call themselves “Wild Passion Fruit” because passion fruit are very tough on the outside and can’t be crushed like strawberries.

For the whole report, please go to [David on Formosa] Freedom House report released in Taipei

Taipei District Prosecutors Humiliate the Accused of Their Ongoing Investigations

I posted about this mocking insult that Taipei prosecutors executed on the accused of their ongoing investigations. Or, if you have just 3 minutes of spare time, watch the video below.

Be warned: I am not responsible for any health problem as a result of watching/reading it. Proceed at your own risk.