19 Nov 2008

The Wind of Change

Rest for a while and listen to it:

People remember, there is a constitution:

The president feels suddenly the need of a free press:

Journalists demand this right:

Do I hear justice?

Are there more miracles to expect if the protests continue?

Of course, there are still some of the old moral lessons, which encourage young people to work hard and become a good slave for lets call it THE SYSTEM (oh, actually that is the part they usually do not tell the people):

But listen to the Wind of change, the song of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Taiwan Echo said...

In one of the news you linked (President pledges to uphold press freedom):

"President Ma Ying-jeou pledged Tuesday to uphold freedom of the press and respect its role as a channel for public opinion."

I feel like throwing up every time I read something like that.

I was raised, in an environment of Chinese culture, to be proud of Chinese, until one day I found what they taught are all fake.

They say one thing, and do another. They teach you to follow the law, yet they can be as lawless as they want. When people follow the law but they don't, it's the way they gain benefit and power to control people.

See how Ma Ying-jeou deal with this press freedom. His government censored press that criticizes China and his government. People in Taiwan cannot say "Taiwan is not part of China" in streets. People don't have the right to protest against Chinese representive.

Yet he dares to stand SHAMELESSLY in front of people, announcing that he pledged to uphold freedom of speech ?

See how Ma deals with the police misconduct ? In one hand, he claims that the police should treat people nicely (that makes him look like a gentleman), yet in other hand he lets his policemen beat up/arrest/threaten people. He claimed that the police will never destroy national flags or forbid people from waving them, yet he let the police do so without being punished.

He is saying something on the surface, yet doing anther under the desk.

真是令人作嘔的虛假道學 !!

To me, what Ma Ying-jeou's hypocrisy reveals is a mentality that "You people don't deserve it." So to him there's never a need for him to honor what he says.