19 Nov 2008

[On-going social activity] [TAUP hunger strike sit-in] appeal to the governent to amend the referendum law

Dear readers,
Thanks for your attention and patience on Wild Strawberries Movement for days. In fact, there are a group of profs. from Taiwan Association of University Professors who have been sitting in the Quen-Xian Building (群賢樓) in Legislative Yuan for 15 days too. They request the Yuan to revise and modify the referendum law. Referendum: noun [C] (FORMAL plebiscite) a vote in which all the people in a country or an area are asked to give their opinion about or decide an important political or social question. (Cambridge Dictionary)
I would like to draw you attention on this on-going social activity which is relevant to the revolution should be done in Taiwan as well. If you only want to know about the Wild Strawberries Movement, please feel free to skip this section. However, if you care about Taiwan, this is a good chance to have a further look. Furthermore, the headquarter of Wild Strawberries Movement is so far still very focusing on our three requests. Therefore, This section is only appeared on this blog.
Thanks for your understanding! Hope I inform you sufficiently! Same as the founding of our movement, I also need some volunteers to help with collecting and translating relevant articles on on-going social activities. Please write to taiwanstudentmovement2008@gmail.com

Best to you and to Taiwan,


CH said...

Still get suggestion from reader who cares about the Wild Berries Movement that here should better not have other issues reported avoiding distracting. Since there are many things needed to be changed and be done in Taiwan, here can never be enough space reporting each environmental, educational, political, etc. issues. I could understand and I had the same concern before I made the decision. However, here is more like a window to foreigners who cares too. I think if they care about the movement, other on-going movements should be taken into account. The three requests and goal of Berries Movement are still the same as in the statement. The official side did not switch the attention to the referendum amendment. But here is going to be some articles posted. Why choose Prof. Tsai's action but not other is merely because they are sit-in in somewhere so close to the Liberty Square and they get no response as Berries do. This is very personally idea. I sincerely wish you could understand! Best,

Taiwan Echo said...

It's ok, CH.

I am probably the only single individual who is strongly against Prof. Tsai's idea of raising the referendum issue at this time.

In my opinion, what Wild Strawberries is asking for is the very basic human right, like a solid ground, on which the referendum has to be built on. TAUP's referendum appeal won't have any chance of success if we can't ensure the most basic right of speech freedom.

At this moment, Ma Ying-jeou has all state and social powers in his hand: the government, the legislation organ, the law enforcement, the media, and the ganster (White Wolf's gang 白狼張安樂 that appeared side by side with the police)...

Wild Strawberries have very slim chance in fighting all these, even without splitting ourselves to something that is not really critical at this moment. IMO TAUP and Prof. Tsai present very poor judgment on the current situation.

Certainly, this is just my opinion.

Btw, CH, you say that this blog could serve as a portal for foreigners to check on other on-going movements like TAUP's hunger strike. Have you checked on TAUP's website to see if they do the same thing, i.e., trying to introduce your Wild Strawberries to their readers ?