19 Nov 2008

The value of a human life.

There is no philosophical discussion needed as it can be be quantified in Taiwan by an exact number:

NT$ 110,000


If someone has further comments on the human right of health-care and medical treatment, he or she shall feel free to speak.

The health system speaks for itself!


Taiwan Echo said...

RememberSacharow ,

I think this is a little stretching. The title and your comment,

"The value of a human life. There is no philosophical discussion needed as it can be be quantified in Taiwan by an exact number: $110,000"

make it sound like Taiwanese value human life with the amount of NT $110,000. Only when readers read inside do they find that it's the cost of medical treatment.

If some life-threatening disease is cured with, say, NT$5,000-treatment, would you conclude that Taiwanese value human life with NT$5,000 ?

IMO, the cost of medical treatment relates more to how expensive it is for people to get treated, not to how Taiwanese value human life.

RememberSacharow said...

I think you do not get my point.

If it is about saving someone’s life, how can people even think about talking about money?
And what kind of country is it, that forces the family to fundraise money to pay for the costs and guarantee further medical treatment

At least I learned that healthcare is one of my basic rights!

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