12 Nov 2008

Statement from the Musicians

(The appeals are different from the movement, but the ultimate goal is similar!)

On the 4th of November, Sunrise Records store played music as usual to attract customers. However, that was the day when Chen Yun-lin visited. The policemen entered the record store forbade them playing the music merely because it was a song in Minnan-dialect (a.k.a. Taiwanese). The directed policeman, Lee Han-Qin lied to the public that the store closed on their own without any force.

The era of song-forbidden comes back, the expansion of policing power is a prelude of dictator politics that we have come to feared!

We are a group of Taiwanese musicians who treasures freedom and peace. In the past twenty years, citizens have had the right to read poetry written in any languages, to listen to all kinds of music, to compose and to play in different languages including Mandarin Chinese, Formosan languages, Taiwanese, Hakka, and all foreign languages such as English, Japanese, Italian and so on.
We welcome all Chinese visitors who would show respect to the law and people in our country, but we refuse the oppression and hostility from the People's Republic of China's authoritarian regime.We oppose strongly to President Ma Ying-Jeou's submissive attitude to the Chinese communist regime, regarding the events at Sunrise Records store and the crumbling of democratic values due to arrival of Chen Yu-Lin's arrival we solemnly protests. We demand:

1. President Ma must apologize
2. Replace General Chief of National Police Agency Wang
3. Seek responsibilities of Lee Han-chin (李漢卿), deputy director of the Chungcheng First Precinct of the Taipei Municipal Police Bureau

Signatories:(In chronological order)

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