12 Nov 2008

Nov 11 Noon Movement Press

Tuesday November 11th 2008
Press Report Wild-strawberry Movement

Dialogue between Student leaders and Minister Breaks Down

NGO today launched walk in silence; supported by tens of thousands by LIVE transmission the student movement is not lonely at the scene

Last night Cheng Jei-cheng visited the scene and stated, the students’ demands should be resolved through the proper channel in order to achieve the objectives more effectively. But as to the demands for apologies from the President and Premier, also the stepping down of the Senior officers from the National Security Council, Cheng said it was not within his authorities. Spokesperson XU Ren-suk believed Minister Cheng’s reply was very conservative, nevertheless still hope Cheng would assist to convey the student’s demands to the government, and have a face-to-face talk with President Ma and Premier Liu.

Around Mid-night last night, three unknown students came to negotiate with the Wide-Strawberry, claiming they were from the Ministry of Education Discipline Committee under the Promotion of Civic Education Advisory Committee, both sides negotiated for around half an hour. The three Committee members expressed the intent to offer a resolution channel through the Ministry of Education. During the discussion, Changi-ho, a Political Science student from the National Taiwan University Political said that the demands of the students has nothing to do with the Ministry of Education, however if it is because the identities of the students, thus assuming the matter falls into the jurisdiction of the Department of Education, would the same as assuming that any one that has an identity of a farmer, the concern would automatically be addressed by the Ministry of Agriculture, and labors’ grieves addressed by the Council of Labor Affairs. Changi-ho thus contented, “today’s demand is about the respect for fundamental human rights and dignity, even though it is coming from students. If the Ministry of Education was sincere in resolving the matter, then the Ministry should pass on the demands to the Executive Yuan and the Presidential Office. Moreover, we were told since we were little, that we should always pursue fairness and justice, Minister Cheng should be more actively supporting the students’ movement” Chang said.

With only Political Calculation in Minds, the meaning of Justice diminishes

According to reports, Premier Liu Chao-shiuan believes the demands for apologies would cease in two days time, and the spokesperson Xu Ren-suk said this is demonstrative of the arrogance of power, and shows that the government has consistently avoiding students demands face on, full of political trickery and calculation. If they are really concern about us, then should make an effect and reply our demand.

Xu Ren-suk further commented, during Chen Yunlin’s visit to Taiwan, the enforcement of law was excessive, and to such an extent that it constituted violations. Since the President and the Premier are given the highest power by the Constitution, then they should issue a public apology since it was committed under their authorities, and the relevant high-level police and the National Security also should be punished.

You Jia Rao, one of the sit-in students, also stressed, that the Ma Government has been continuously releasing ambiguous messages, sending people to mediate informally, without wanting to resolve this matter formally. The Ma Government has paid little attention to the students’ demands, as there is no sense of justice in their minds.

Moreover, as the government has expressed the intent to hold a public hearing on amendment to the Assembly and Parade Law, spokesperson Xu Ren-suk said the students welcome the goodwill, but at the same time, Xu stressed, the students’ demands are not limited to the amendment to the Assembly and Parade Law, since during this period, the government has not been forthcoming about the excessive law enforcement, and even found excuses for the excessive use of force. Hence, the government has not opened a dialogue to engage the students in any talks ay all.

Wang Zhuojun, the Head of National Police Administration when questioned yesterday at the Legislative Yuan, still maintained the policy enforcement was not excessive, and refused to apologize. Lee Li-Wei, a media student believes that, when Shan-yuan Record shop was forced to turn off music, close the shop, and the military policies can force their ways into senators’ private rooms amongst others incidents, shall be deemed as human rights violations, even unconstitutional. But, the government, including the Ma administration, the Administration Yuan, the National Policy Administration, the National Security Bureau, even Taipei City government still defending the excessive law enforcement. It makes one wonder, what mentalities and mind frames can make them so confident? Lee continues to said, it is so hard for a head of a government to apologize for his action?

Translated from http://action1106.blogspot.com/2008/11/1111_11.html

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