12 Nov 2008

[News] Apologise? Liou: Takes all of two days to blow over.

(Liberty Times 11/11/2008)

Wild Strawberries sit-in protest students demanded Ma, Liou to apologise and Wang Cho-Chiun(王卓鈞) to step down. When interevewed by ETToday Liou states that according to the polls 60% of population believe the responsibility lie with the opposition, and the students' demands are "misaligned with mainstream opinion". During intervals between interview, host Lu Hsiu-fang (盧秀芳) asked about legislators wanting government to apologise for the abuse of police power, Liou replied stating legislators had wanted him to apologise personally in Legislative Yuan "But I didn't, these things only take all of two days to blow over", accidentally let his mind slipped out.

Students demands for amending the Parade and Assembly law, Liou states that he acknowledge this, thus will push towards this direction, and will organise public hearings to seek concensus in the community; also the weather's getting cooler and exam period's quickly approaching, further sit-ins are unhealthy and he cares for the students.

Minister of Education arrived at the Freedom Square yesterday, did not respond to students request

In other news, Minister of Education Cheng Jei-cheng (鄭瑞城) after a meeting with Liou, arrived at Freedom Square around 6pm to visit the protesters. Cheng stated that he will pass the requests along from the students, however he did not respond to the issue of police abusing of their powers, as he openly admit he have no power to make any announcements with "other demands". Cheng was questioned by the students "Why does the minister's visit felt like a gift?", also there was tens of onlookers protests against "Admitting Chinese college degrees" and "Ministry of Education should be more considerate to Taiwanese graduates". Since Cheng arrived without notice, students at first did not recognise him, subsequently had asked who he was.

Cheng said he would like to give his regards on behalf of Liou and Ministry of Education, he hope the students would take care of themselves, and don't catch a cold, and asked whether students had eaten yet. Some students yelled "Thanks for your consideration." As for students' demand, Cheng would like to advise the students the direction legislative yuan's going is quite similar, and he would pass the demands along for the students. He also calls for respecting the current law, as any amendment must go through proper procedures.

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