2 Dec 2008

San Diego's Taiwanese support WSM!

Many among Taiwanese in the U.S. are well educated but we are not arrogant. More often than not, we not only learn from each other but also from others outside of our group. For example, many of us have been learning from the WSM student protesters. Although young and inexperienced, they have proven to be quick learners, very determined and innovative. It is clear that they have won wide-spread support, in and out of Taiwan, of their movement.

In response to their call for support of their planned parade on Sunday, December 7, members of San Diego Taiwanese American community are planning to sponsor an event at San Diego Taiwan Center on December 7. We think these young people deserve our support and encouragement. Some other communities are doing the same.

Increasing number of us think that the baton has to be shared with and even passed on to the younger generation. The future of Taiwan are mostly in the hands of the freedom-loving young people of Taiwan.

To what you are doing in fighting for freedom and democracy, "BRAVO!" we shout.

--Ching-chih Chen, a retired college professor

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