2 Dec 2008

[i-Report] Taiwan Wild Strawberries Movement

We are a group of students comprising students from universities all over Taiwan; we do not belong to any parties or political organizations before we joined wild strawberry.

Our generation in Taiwan is called the "strawberry" generation, meaning we are spoiled to be able to afford stress. However, today we stand out for a better future!

Today is our 25th day peaceful sit-in protest at the Liberty Square in Taipei (Former Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall).

Your supports are very crucial for us, we hope this document will help you understand our "democracy in danger" in Taiwan, an country next to Hong Kong, Japan, China and Philippine in East Asia. Please come to join our parade on 7th December 2008.

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1 comment:

The Snow Lion said...

You guys are awesome.

I will pass this information on to my local Congressman here in the USA. They need to know about this!