6 Dec 2008

Changes in the Parade and Assembly Law in the Press

[Taipei Times] Cabinet proposes altering Assembly and Parade Law

The government yesterday answered a long-standing call by activists to scrap police powers to grant or deny protest permits, but offered the police instead new powers to bar or alter demonstration plans in certain cases.

The proposal to amend the Assembly and Parade Law (集會遊行法) approved at the weekly Cabinet meeting was described in a statement as “a big step forward in the nation’s development of democracy and the rule of law.” ...

[China Post] Assembly act to be amended

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- No police permission is necessary to stage a rally, according to an amendment to the assembly act the Cabinet adopted yesterday.

Under the current act, organizers have to file applications with police at least six days before the rally is to take place. Police permission is required. ...

[Taiwan News] Taiwan Cabinet approves to lift restrictions on protests

The cabinet approved changes in the Parade and Assembly Law yesterday in a concession to protesting students, while also rolling out the welcome mat for students from China.

Protesters will no longer have to apply for approval from the police for their event, a key demand of students who have been holding a continuous sit-in in Taipei since Nov. 6. Their action was sparked by alleged police brutality during protests against the visit of Chinese envoy Chen Yunlin. ...

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