6 Dec 2008

[1205 Press Release] Strawberries Urging Police's Cooperation in Upcoming March

Wild Strawberries today forwards its application to police for the upcoming protest march. The district police station responsible for the protest venue refused to accept student’s application citing the unlawful nature of the protest in accordance with The Law of Assembly and Protest. The district police chief also indicate that there will be crack down if students insisting going ahead with the protest. The Wild Strawberries are appalled with police reaction, and like to remind police that amendment to the Law of Assembly and Parade is imminent, the police should therefore respect the wishes of students, namely, holding protest without seeking prior clearance from authority, protect and defend protesters’ right as prescribed in constitution. However, by refusing students application for protest, Wild Strawberries fear that if the protest does go ahead, violent crack down by police much like that of Chinese envoy’s visit will reappear on the street of Taipei.

Wild Strawberries hereby reiterate its opposition to the Law of Assemble and Parade in its current form. And vehemently oppose government’s use of the law to silence the dissidents.

Apart from submitting protest application, Wild Strawberries also prepared a detailed protest and route plan for the police, hoping that the police can uphold its constitutional obligation in defending students’ right to protest and express.

The purpose of this march is to highlight the absurdity of the Law, which stipulated that a protest can not be hold without clearance from the authority. But, what if the authority is the target of the protest? Will authority approve protest knowing itself is the subject of protest?

The Wild Strawberries regret police’s refusal to accept protest application, and this only strength our resolute to see The Law of Assemble and Parade being amend. The Wild Strawberries will demonstrate to government that a protest march can be peaceful and rational, government shouldn’t be fearful of people; rather, expression of different voices is a sign of mature democracy, and it should be encouraged rather then brutally suppressed.

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