21 Nov 2008

Protest against police violence! Fight for Freedom and Human Rights! Talk by LEE Ming-Tsung

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Mistrust and Violence in Taiwanese Society: Three Stories

Ming-Tsung Lee's speech in 1107, Freedom Square.
Lee is an associate professor in Dept. of Sociology, NTU

Freedom Square (2008/11/07): Ming-Tsung Lee, the initiator of the sit-in action in the Freedom Square for protesting the violence of the Police in 6th of November, talked about his experience in three little stories happened around the very first hours of the activity.

As the coordinator of the action, Ming-Tsung Lee got various threatening calls and sms, whether anonymous or not, from the very first moment the action initiated. “You’re nothing but an assist professor,” said one of the callers, "and I'm the professor. Do you still want to get promoted?” Ming-Tsung Lee is now an assistance professor in the Department of Sociology, NTU.

The police exerted violent to the sit-in students by their verbal humiliation. When the sit-in-students carried away by the policemen to where no media shoot, the policemen told the students “Stop acting. No one is shooting you. Just walk away by yourself."
These verbal humiliations made the student feel hurt, because it was the mistrustful response from the police to the good will which the student had showed in the past 20 hours. The students gave the policemen drinks, chat with them, and even gave them the lily flowers sent by the supporting people.
Ming-Tsung Lee would also like to protest for the distort reported by TVBS news. What the student showed to the police is good will, not the support as TVBS said.

Ming-Tsung Lee was applied physical violent by the policemen while being carried away from the square of Administration Yuan. He was pinched, kicked (to his private), and hit. In this video, he restated the three appeals, that are, President Ma and Premier Liu APOLOGIZE, Wang and Tsai STEP DOWN, and AMEND The Parade and Assembly Law.

These stories expressed the foundation of the reciprocal trust is destroyed in the Taiwanese society, and Ming-Tsung Lee thinks it is the government who should be responsible for.

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