21 Nov 2008

Lament for Civil Rights

When the president of our country sells out the people’s basic civil rights, hurts the citizens’ fundamental human dignity, and disregards our voices, what’s left is the empty shell devoid of soul.

Tonight, artist Lily Wei, along with students of Wild Strawberries Movement warmed up for the participatory art event by lying on the ground and tracing the body contours of one another.  There are now many human shapes in various positions drawn in chalk on Liberty Square.  Lily Wei expresses: ‘Anyone who cares about human rights and liberty in Taiwan are welcome to join in the art in action’.  You are invited to experience the pulse and heartbeats of one another together tomorrow afternoon, and to listen to the thundering outcries of the empty human figures.  

Where: Liberty Square (the former Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall).

When: Sunday November 23, 2008. 1:45 pm

What: Art in Action

Who: You and all those who care about the liberty of Taiwan.


Come, lie down with us on the ground to be part of the casualty of stolen autonomy.


Local citizens and international friends are welcome!

Participants please bring your masks, hats, and sunglasses. And a camera if you like!

Please wear black, grey or white if possible as symbol of mourning.


The Art Mobilize Taiwan Initiative

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daneedwards said...

Correction for author: you mean "Lament"! 'Ode' is 歌訟, 'Lament' is 哀歌,哀悼