11 Dec 2008

Three hours after Human Rights Day, Tibetans and Wild Strawberries were forced away from "Liberty" Square

1211 3:30 a.m. Tibetans were forced to leave. The policemen sent all the Tibetans away by three police patrol cars; then turned to WS. Within 1.5 hour, the policemen destroyed all the houses and Strawberries tower and lifted students away brutally. Approx. 30 Wild Strawberries were moved away (like a piece of meat or some inanimate stuff) by more than 200 policemen with nightsticks and shield. Please tell me, why at night? At deep sleepy night, at 3:30?? Three hours after Human Rights Day? Are they thief? Why to force Tibetans away? They were already homeless refugees. Some of them could not even speak Mandarin. They were sent and abandoned in six different corners in Taipei. Why illegal? Did those policemen know that the law they use had already announced a violation of Constitution Law? And it is going to be revised soon in the Legislative Yuan. Who is illegal? When students ask them to sign the "disagreement with the administration decision" according to article 29 in Police Law, they refused. Do they really read the law before they became a police???

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poetskyfin said...

I felt very uneasy to have a warm sleep that night while you were bullied by police at so-called the Liberty Square in chilly, deep night. Thank you for all you have done for us! I was, am, and will be with you.

I feel like quoting some lines by Neruda for you:

I belong to fruitfulness
and I'll grow while lives grow.
I'm young with the youthfulness of water,
I'm slow with the slowness of time,
I'm pure with the purity of air,
dark with the wine of night,
and I'll only be still when I've become
so mineral that I neither see nor hear,
nor take part in what is born and grows.

When I picked out the jungle
to learn how to be,
leaf by leaf,
I went on with my lessons
and learned to be root, deep clay,
voiceless earth, transparent night,
and beyond that, bit by bit, the whole jungle.