3 Dec 2008

[Taipei Times] EDITORIAL: Will Ma crush the Strawberries?

Wednesday, Dec 03, 2008, Page 8

The Wild Strawberry Student Movement, it seems, has had enough of the government beating around the bush. On Sunday, it will attempt to bring the debate over the Assembly and Parade Law (集會遊行法) to a head by rallying about 1,000 people to demonstrate without a police permit.

As the marchers head down Ketagalan Boulevard to the Presidential Office, the government and police will be forced to come down against a sensible exercise in civil disobedience or send the message that demonstrating without a permit will be tolerated. The organizers have advertised well in advance that they intend to break the law, which is nothing more than a relic of the Martial Law era and a blemish on Taiwan’s democracy that should have been amended long ago.(more)

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The Snow Lion said...

If the KMT abuses the public trust by crushing the Strawberries let no one ever be in doubt as to where the KMT stands afterwards regarding human rights and civil liberties.

Taiwan needs its freedom, human rights and most of all its INDEPENDENCE!

Taiwan is not China and must be free! Big business and monied interests can not be allowed to sell the people out any more.

If the KMT is not will to safeguard Taiwan and tramples on its people's civil liberties than it is no better than the PRC whom they seem to love so much these days. Lets see what the KMT does next? Maybe they will improve?

Lets only hope that the KMT will do the right thing here and let the Strawberries have their peaceful protest without any further abuse.