14 Dec 2008

[Open letter] from Tibetan immigrant refugees in Taiwan

Respected ROC government and kind people
who care about the human rights of Tibetans,

With due respect, we are here to request and appeal for your urgent help. Here about 110 Tibetan illegal immigrant refugees under a very bad situation, We have nothing to do at this moment and only seek your help to refuge in Taiwan.

It is very clear to all over the world that Tibet is under China and Tibetans ae facing very big problems in and outside Tibet. Especially inside Tibet, we don't have human right, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and there is no human value for Tibetans. So at this situation, Tibetans are force to flue to nearby countries such as India, Nepal and Bhutan for better life and better education for coming generations. Even in those countries, we are facing basic problems to survive. So finally we bought Indian and Nepalese fake passport and legally enter this beautiful island for better life. We heard that Taiwan is democratic state, have human respect, human right, freedom of religion and land of equality to all cast and
tribes. But now we are in Taiwan and facing very big problem of survival. We never aspect such thing will happen in Taiwan.

We already appealed many applications to your presidential office and other related your department. Even on 12th Aug 2008, we all refugees came to your presidential office for help and even to ministry of issue. But till now your government didn't find any solution for our issue. So we are here again today for your kind help. We only seeking refugee asylum in Taiwan. We don't have country and we don't have
place to go back. Today thousands of Tibetans are all around the world
as refugees.

So last but not the least, please…please help us to give certain identification to stay legally in Taiwan. We hope that you will take this a serious matter.

With best regards
Tibetan immigrant refugees in Taiwan
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依聯合國國際人權組織難民的定義,國際間公認將流亡海外藏胞視為國際難民(International Refugees),處理國際難民的最重要原則為「不予遣返」,依照人權的標準來看,遣返國際難民相當於意圖謀殺。我們這一群逾期居留滯台難胞,若貴政府依相關法令處理,則必須遣返西藏,若遣返印度、尼泊爾等原發照國,則服刑後依然要面臨遣返西藏的命運。



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