10 Dec 2008

Hey, Wild Strawberries are still fighting!

Today(1209) when I was on the Liberty Square, there was a man who ran to me and asked if the movement is going to end. There were several reports in the Mass media told people that Wild Strawberries Movement was ended after the peaceful and successful march on 7th Dec. However, this information is not true.

We are still here!

The No Borders Human Rights concert (1209 evening on Liberty Square, Taipei) was successful. Human rights activities from Nepal, Afghanistan, Hong-Kong were presented and addressed the current human rights situation in their own countries. The music played by foreigners friends who care about human rights in Taiwan was energetic and cheerful delivering the message of Love, Peace and Freedom to the world. People ignited candles on a no-border-line world map on those places where the participants are from and those places need the human rights. No border is what we expect to be realised with regards to freedom, peace and love. These are the value all human beings share and what we need to protect and fight for.

Wild Strawberries are still there. We are not the juicy pink strawberries on the cake, but the wild one which can endure time and challenging. It had been more than 800 hours passed. We are still here and there. We have already been in the history and in people's mind. And we are growing and spreading.

If you could, please keep watching this innovative and hopeful student movement by students in Taiwan. And if you could, you are welcome to give advice that what we should do to wake the deaf government up. You may put comment here, or you can send commentary to taiwanstudentmovement2008@gmail.com


Formosan at Heart said...

How can I get a T-shirt?

Adam said...

Way to go, berries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CH said...

To Formosan at Heart,
I asked for you several days ago, but there was no clear answer yet. Those shirts were already put into boxes after the 1207 march day. And after the thief-like police army came. WS would need time to arrange those stuff later. Would you please keep in touch with us? And if one day the WS announced how to deal with those materials, I would post it on. Thanks!