18 Dec 2008

[20 mins Video Clip on 1211 Incident] When WS and Tibetans were forced away

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It has been a week since it happened at the cold and dark night. What have the society paid for it? What will people comment on this history? There is no translation for the sounds, but the process is clearly presented. The night is never silent. How about us? 1211 incident is how I name this issue in order to memorize the brutality and tragedy of human society and our greediness. If we remove the mask of greediness, it should a smiling face with friendly embrace to the world, to human rights, isn't it?


小寶 said...

凌晨三點鐘, 在中正紀念堂大吵大鬧, 旁邊就是臺大醫院, 一堆病人住在旁邊, 這些病人的人權呢? 人權是以尊重多數人而設, 而不是為為了少數任性半夜不睡覺的人設得, 以這些台灣任性而為的野草梅邏輯, 飆車, 半夜喧鬧, 開音響100分貝 聚眾橫行阻礙交通, 妨礙整城市大多數人的生活權利, 都是你門這些野草莓的自由, 我建議應該在你期末考時天天半夜到你宿舍樓下, 圖書館, 教室拿擴音器喊人權 喊到你被1/2
"人權是保護多數人的權利, 而不是替少數人的特權"

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