15 Nov 2008

Wer schweigt macht sich mitschuldig!

'The quiet is guilty too' , in a roughly translation of a German quote, reflecting the experience of two dictatorships in the 20th Century in Germany.
The one who is not speaking against the criminal is participating in the criminal himself.

Why don’t we hear the voice of the people who participated in the wild lily movement?
Why don’t we see them speaking in the parliaments, writing in the newspapers?
Don’t they care or are they afraid?
Is Taiwan a country were people have to be afraid to speak free?

What about the ones that participated in the Protests in 1989 in Beijing, escaped to Taiwan and survived the Tian’Anmeng massacre? Have thy forgotten their past? Did they sell their soul?

What about the ones that roughly know that there is a protest? The ones that do not care, the ones that do not read the newspapers, the people who go to university or work everyday as if nothing happened.
Shouldn’t we tell them that democracy needs responsibility, requires that people care?
Shouldn’t the protest be brought into the universities and into the offices and even into the shopping malls?

Things, would be different in the motherland of revolution were many ideas about modern democracy of freedom and human rights started (as in the US of course):

If Taiwan would be France, the Universities would be closed and all the students and professors would protest together as long as it is necessary and the statements would be sprayed on the University buildings!

If Taiwan would be France, the protest would be in the centre of the cities, between shopping malls and restaurants, so that everybody could see and hear.

If Taiwan would be France, the traffic would break down and no train would leave and no highway would be unblocked.

If Taiwan would be France, no student would protest silent, and feared being pushed around or ignored by a Government.

It is time to storm the Bastille! Vive la revolution!

And to block typical argument of Taiwanese politicians against any kind of protest: How important the economic development and the peace in the society is and that people should work together and be modest, … (to cut a long story short: Shut up and work or study harder!)

France is a much richer and more free country than Taiwan. As all western democracies are!
So forget about these stupid arguments!


Cindy said...

Agreed! Democracy thrives on the passion and the will of the people! Well said--mind if I link to this blog from the US Wild Strawberries site?

RememberSacharow said...

Thank you very much. Of course yourse you can link.