14 Nov 2008

[Wanted] Observation/ News/ Feedback/ Support (in English)

It have been a week since the sit-in movement was launched. And the English blog is built with all your contribution, on spreading, reading, and writing. In every case, we need more articles in English here!!
What we are looking for:
1. I noticed that there are some articles in the individual blog which is written in English regards to this movement. I would like to gather some here.
2. You may want to translate any news from the world media, like German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean... into English.
3. Your observation and feedback on any news, phenomena during this movement.
4. Illustration on Human Rights in the recent World (i.e., cases from other countries) and in the history

To communicate and spread the idea, we need your participation. If you wish to support this blog, please send articles in English to taiwanstudentmovement2008@gmail.com .

The formant:
1. The summary (Brief and Concise)
2. The link to the original article (on blog, news...)
3. Your identity (and in which name you would like to be posted, or anonymous.)

Thanks for your attribution towards the blog, the movement, the development of democracy and the protection of human rights in Taiwan!

1 comment:

Cindy Lee Herrick said...

Hi There-
Great job on keeping this page up. I have started up a website for the United States Taiwanese-American Wild Strawberries support group on MySpace, I am working on getting up other formats. I am looking to get the word out to more US mainstream media outlets. I haven't been seeing much about this movement on our news here so I am hoping to change that. Here is the link


Any suggestions on media outlets or anything is welcome. Let me know what else we can do to help. Thanks for all of your hard work!