24 Nov 2008

On protest and human rights in Los Angeles

On Protest and Human Rights from abe on Vimeo.

A parade held on 21st November for human rights.

A brief transcription on Mr. Jiang's talk (a Taiwanese lawyer in the States):
On Nov. 20th, the mayor of L.A. apologized publicly for the police violation when Mexican protested against the new Immigration Law last year. The amount of compensatory that police officers beat people, including the journalist and people, during the protest is approx. 13,000,000USD. How about us?

L.A. to pay nearly $13 million over May Day melee, sources say
The settlement would mark one of the largest payouts ever made to resolve LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) misconduct. Department has sanctioned officers and trained force to prevent another such incident.
By Joel Rubin
November 20, 2008

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