17 Nov 2008

[On CNN][i-report] Observations on Taiwan Political Protests

By Neal Moore

TAIPEI & TUCHENG (CNN i-report) --- I stepped into a Taipei Taxi this morning to try to get a better understanding of the current political scene in Taiwan. What I thought would be an easy task proved to be anything but. (more)


lupang said...

Mr.Ma ying-joke, a biggest liar on earth.

I have never seen a more shameless liar than one trick pony in the whole world. Ignoring the election policies he had promised and tried to find scapegoats to cover up his incompetency. Openly lied to international news outlets countless times yet no one has ever challenging his parlance face to face. Such a rhino-skinned evil can survive in a civil society is a miracle only happens in the wonderland.

barney said...

As an American living in Taiwan for over twenty four years, I believe that President Ma has done more damage to relations between those people that emigrated to Taiwan for many generations(Taiwanese) and those that came over with the dictator Chiang Ka-shek (mainlanders). He spoke the native dialect (Taiwanese) during campaign rallies and promised that any decision of uniting with China would be put to the people. As soon as he has gotten elected, he has used this power to lock up all of his political opponents without being charged and swiftly moved to increase contacts with China without informing the opposition party or the citizens of Taiwan what was being discussed. It is too obvious that only the opposition party politicians are getting locked up. Not one polician from Ma's party has been locked up. People are upset not that a certain politician is being locked up but in the way the trial is being conducted by the press unfaily by the prosecuters leaking information without any indictment. No one will get a fail trial in this environment. If it can happen to the politicians with the connections than what hope do the common citizens have to fight a dictatorship? In addtion, President Ma who used to spy on fellow students while studying at Harvard and sent the reports back to Taiwan has now utilized the police and internal security forces to take away freedoms of speech, holding the country flag and also forcibly closing down a music shop playing native Taiwanese music. What rights will be taken away next?