11 Nov 2008

BREAKING NEWS !!! A guy burning himself in Liberty Square Now

Students protesting in Freedom Square witness a horrible scene that a guy lights up a huge fire to burn himself.

Happening now as of 1105 PM, 11/10, 2008:


I was stunned too, 'cos I was watching it happening far away from USA through the online live cam set up by the protesting students.

Ambulances arrived right away. Don't know the condition yet. The guy is 80 year old long time KMT member. Flyers were distributed before he burnt himself. He was very disappointed on how Ma Ying-jeou trashed the Republic of China flag, the symbol of something he was taught by KMT to loyal to in his entire life, in order to please the Communist China, the enemy he was taught by KMT to fight against in his whole life.

Trickery politician, ironic history, distorted belief, resulting in a tragic life.

This tragedy interrupted the protest procedure. Students call for peaceful resolve for any opinion expression.

  1. The suicide note distributed by Bo-Yian Liu (劉伯煙) before he burnt himself:

    My translation:

    My name is Bo-Yian Liu(劉伯煙), 80 years old. I joined KMT in 1950, and has been cheated and insulted by KMT for 30 years, until I couldn't stand it any more and retired. I am not sure how President (Ma Ying-jeou) thinks about what happened lately. I saw people walking on the street with small national flag were arrested by the police, and the flagpole was broken by the police. I saw many policemen beat up people without being punished. I heard that the police arrested 16 civilians and is gonna indict them. Are more than a thousand policemen who beat up civilians with rods gonna be given outstanding awards ?

    When Chen Yunlin met up the President (Ma Ying-jeou), he pointed his finger at President and said, "You, you, you...", and I saw President was so happy and responded with a smile on his face. Is the name of our President "You-you-you?" Being a KMT member, I am so shame of myself -- does that mean if Mainland sent an even higher ranking official, our President will knee down to him?

    I saw that President is so unfair. It would be better if President issues an amnesty to dismiss all things, that would make it peaceful, and will show how kind and general a President has.

  2. A member in the medical team of protesting students accompanied Mr. Liu to the hospital. He returned to the scene about one and half hr later. Mr. Liu suffers 3rd burn on 80~90 % of his body, but is stabilized now.

  3. Students describe that Mr.Liu was in the scene this morning. He looked very upset. Students invited him to sit and tried to calm him down. He did. Then later, he seemed to get upset again and walked out of the tent. The unfortunate tragedy then happened.

    A student described that their guy on duty in the morning took away two gas bottles from Mr.Liu. But this doesn't seem to be confirmed by a later description.


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peter said...

I was just a tourist on the scene at that moment when I saw a burning flame out on the road. At first I though it must just be someone burning a flag or something in protest of the current situation in Taiwan. Many people ran to put out the fire with water. When I got to the scene I saw a burning body on the ground. Several people were already pouring water onto his body in order to put out the flames.

After the flames were put out someone handed out several bottles of saline from a medical kit. Three or four people gently poured saline over the burns on his body. The man had suffered very serious burns over most of his face and upper body. He was unable to speak and did not move much. It wasn't long until the ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital.

I hope he is okay.