23 Nov 2008

Documentary of Mr. Cheng Nan-jung

Activity at Chia-yi : Documentary of Cheng Nan-jung
When: 2008-11-23 7:30p.m.

Where: Chia-yi 228 Park

You are invited to come to care, to share, to discuss!

More information about Cheng Nan-jung(1947~1989): wiki page, Deng Liberty Foundation(A foundation named after Cheng, for promoting freedom and memorizing Cheng's thought and spirits.)

A video clip with music and photo for your reference:

Introduction to Mr. Cheng Nan-jung and the foundation

In March 1984, he founded Freedom Era Weekly, and declared that "[it was] fighting for 100 percent freedom of speech." Cheng Nan-jung had registered 18 different magazine licenses, as "spare tires" for use when the KMT banned the magazine and suspended publication. He said "I'm not scared of arrest nor of being killed, basically, I'll fight them to the very end."


In 1989, Cheng was charged with insurrection for printing a new Constitution for the Republic of Taiwan. An arrest warrant was issued. He refused to appear in court. When the police arrived to arrest him on April 7, he committed suicide by self-immolation. He set fire to the building and died in the blaze. His immolation protest against the Kuomintang was covered by Formosa TV.